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was establish in 1986.

As a youth I always enjoyed competing in sports and participated at the varsity level in baseball and football during high school at Murrell Dobbins A.V.T.H.S. In Philadelphia, PA. from 1976 to 1980. I continued to carry this competitive attitude as a non-scholarship player to a division one-baseball program, Temple University in Philadelphia, PA., where I also studied business management.

By making the baseball team as a walk-on and earning a starting position and scholarship my first year at Temple helped me pave my own way; which took a financial burden off my parents in paying for my education. My parents knew that what ever I set my mind to doing I was going to give my very best, so just making the team and earning a scholarship was not enough. In 1984,my last year at Temple, I was the number one baseball player in division one to lead the country in Triples (13) and also broke three school records along with becoming a prospect to play professional baseball. Now it's year 2008 and my records still stands. I remember thinking if I get drafted I wanted to take care of my parents and start a business for the rest of the family.

In June 1984, the professional baseball draft came and went and I was not drafted. I thought all that hard work and drive was all a waste of time. My parents said the lord had another plan for me. That hard work was not in vain. I played minor league baseball for a few years in New York but the league was dis - continued the following the year. I didn't get an offer to play with another team.

At this point I made the decision to start my own business and let my competitive nature and desire be my foundation in paving my way in the business world. With the support from family and friends and a pick-up truck and lawn mower, CLIFF CARTER SERVICES was born and has grown over the last 22 years. My existence depends on me to continue to bring my hard work drive to my customers. Though I started out as a landscaper I found out that my customers wanted much more. My customers prompted me to do more than landscaping as they were happy with the service that I provided, which lead me to get my general contractor license. In my 19th. year through hard work and perseverance I am still remodeling homes and offices. I am servicing over 500 customers and growing.

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